At RW Garcia, we’re committed to sustainability. Not only do we want to make the world’s best and healthiest snacks, we also want to make the world a little better place to snack in. The corn we buy that does not get processed into finished goods is recycled either to cattle farmers or to pet food manufacturers. We use 100% of the cooking oil we buy. Nothing is wasted.

Our policy on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is to adhere to both U.S. and European Union standards and we are Non-GMO project verified.  As equipment is updated, replaced, or modified, we send all scrap metal to recyclers. All excess cardboard is also sent to recyclers. We conserve energy wherever possible. And, we are a member of SFTA, an organization working to drive leading environmental, social and economic practices in the organic food trade.  Learn more:

We have also been working with for many years to ensure that our products meet the allergy-friendly standard for all public schools and organizations. Our products and facilities are all CERTIFIED PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE.