Avocado & Lime MixtBag featured in Food & Beverage Insider, March 2020

Genelle Chetcuti, vice president of marketing, RW Garcia: In recent years, the per capita consumption of avocados in the US has grown significantly. The ingredient has become ubiquitous throughout a variety of CPG channels such as sauces, seasonings and spreads, but it is only now starting to make waves in the snack foods category. Our newest product, the Avocado & Lime MixtBag, brings the creaminess of this flavor together with a refreshing lime twist and a hint of spice to finish.

Grain or flour alternatives such as chickpea flour also have seen a huge uptick in consumption as gluten-free diets become more commonplace. RW Garcia has always used non-GMO corn as a base for its snacks, while incorporating additional nutrient-dense ingredients such as root vegetable, legumes and seeds.

Read the full article over at: https://www.foodbeverageinsider.com/snacks/pulse-snack-brands-talk-new-ingredients

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