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Call me biased, but there’s no better place to celebrate Independence Day weekend than the Hamptons. It’s about freedom. Watching fireworks from a picnic blanket on one of the ocean beaches, with your nearest and dearest and a bottle of Wolffer Rosé, will undoubtedly spoil you for life.

I recently discovered the joys of RW Garcia tortilla chips. Surprisingly, they’ve been doing their organic/non-GMO/stone-ground thing since 1982, long before most people had heard of Genetically Modified Organisms. But taste and texture are the bottom line. In a word: yum! I heart these things, even naked (the chips). I’m hooked on their “Mixtbags.” They come in Yellow & Blue and Red & Yellow. When I mix one bag of each in a big bowl it’s kinda red, white and blue. Available at Stop & Shops across Long Island.

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– excerpt from Dan’s Papers, written by Stephanie De Troy

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