The Perfect Savory Protein Snack Plate

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  • Crackers and Chips
  • Medium Boiled Eggs
  • Chopped Veggies - Carrots, Celery, Tomatoes
  • Hummus

Cooking Instructions

Chop, Combine, Serve

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Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Where my snack lovers at? I am all about enjoying satisfying snacks, especially in the afternoon, to bridge lunch to dinner. I usually like something salty, savory, and of course with protein. This plate has it all and is perfect to share with friends, siblings, roommates or partners! The kinda after school or work type of snack.

So what makes a snack plate so good? To me, it has to have protein, something fresh, something salty and crunchy and a dip of some sort. Just like this one!

Protein – I usually do hard boiled eggs for this one because they are easily prepared in advance and keep in the fridge. Pro tip – if you want the perfect medium boiled egg, boil your eggs for 7 – 8 minutes and then immediately place them in cold water. Peel after they have cooled. 

Salty + Crunchy – This is where I enjoy a healthy version of crackers or chips! Here I used RW Garcia snacks, specifically the Gluten Free Cheesy Crackers and the New Organic Yellow Corn Chips. These are made with just organic corn, oil and salt. So simple! All of the RW Garcia products, including these, are crafted with quality ingredients and are trans fat free and Non GMO verified. The best part is that they do not sacrifice on taste at all! They are absolutely delish. Some of my other favorite crackers are the Sweet Potato ones and the Organic Lentil and Turmeric ones. There are so many tasty options. You can check out all their products here

RW Garcia corn chips and cheesy crackers complete this ultimate healthy snack spread!

Fresh – I love freshly chopped raw vegetables or even fruit. My fave are carrots, celery, red pepper, radish, tomatoes, and cucumber. It’s great to mix in the veggies with the salty crackers! I like to chop these up early in the week to make it easy to put together for snack plates through the week. 

Dips – I love hummus, tzatziki, and bean dips! Hummus is for sure my number 1 choice. There are tons of options for flavors and it goes so well with the crackers and the veggies!

Thank you RW Garcia for sponsoring this post. RW Garcia is a family owned company on a mission to share quality healthy snacks! They are committed to creating nonGMO products and truly value sustainability and giving back to the community. I am proud to parter with RW Garcia