Even the Kitchen Sink Nachos

Learn about the story behind the recipe

Nachos all start out basically the same – get some chips and melt cheese over the top in the broiler.  It’s what you do to them after the cheese has melted that makes a nacho stand out.  In these “Even the Kitchen Sink” nachos, we have pulled out all the stops (and all the ingredients) to make this a really lively nacho affair!


  • Start with MixtBag blue/yellow tortilla chips
  • Sharp Cheddar cheese – melted over the top
  • Heat up some black refried beans – spoon onto the nachos as desired
  • Fry up some chorizo (or you can use soyrizo) and crumble over the beans
  • Add chopped olives
  • Add chopped tomatos
  • Add chopped green onions
  • Place a dollop of sour cream on top
  • Garnish with jalapeno rings and cilantro