RW Garcia Actions during COVID-19 Outbreak

MARCH 23rd, 2020

Here at RW Garcia, we have been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure that we continue producing snacks for our retailers, partners, and consumers as we watch the country come together and shelter-in-place to fight the spread of Covid-19. We know we are not alone when we say that we are all still grappling with the reality of this unprecedented situation.  

We are so grateful for our incredible staff who are on the front lines, producing food for all of us. We can assure you that every effort is being taken to continue providing you with the products you know and love. Our supply chains are strong and we are confident we will continue to produce consistently in the coming months.  

Food production is exempt from all shelter-in-place mandates, and we, like the health care professionals, are considered an essential business to the American way of life.  Our company and our employees take this charge seriously and are doing our very best during this challenging time to keep the machines running, the corn cooking and the products coming. 
As a food manufacturing company, safety is always at the forefront of our priorities. Now, more than ever, we are holding ourselves to the highest possible standards of sanitation and safety.  We have taken the following steps as recommended by the CDC to ensure the protection of our employees, customers, and consumers: 

  • We have closed our production facilities to all persons who are not essential to the production and distribution of our products. 
  • We have significantly increased the frequency of sanitizing work surfaces and equipment. 
  • We have mandated that our staff increase the frequency of hand washing and sanitizing for those handling food production.   
  • We have held multiple trainings and are communicating closely with our staff on these new enhanced Sanitation and Hygiene policies. 
  • Our staff members are limiting close and personal contact to immediate family members and practicing shelter-in-place on off hours where mandated. 
  • Asking all team members who exhibit any symptoms (regardless of condition) to stay home and supporting them as needed.  

Each day new information is coming from the CDC and the WHO. We are actively re-evaluating on a day-to-day basis to continue maintaining the highest standards of food safety.  

We will get through this. 

Snack Healthy,  

Robert Garcia, CEO
RW Garcia 

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