RW Garcia Chips Product Review

I first found RW Garcia chips in my local food store- this by itself was a good start. Let’s face it, since food allergies have entered our lives, any food that doesn’t have to necessarily be mail ordered or found at a store 20 miles out of our way makes us that much happier. Don’t get me wrong, I do order, I do drive all over the place to 3 and 4 stores to get what we need but sometimes Mama is just plain tired and can breath a sigh of relief when it’s right there, in front of you.

The first thing that intrigued me to buy a bag of these chips was the packaging. The front says both “Non GMO” and “Gluten Free”. I have been very careful with corn products in the wake of some recent news with corn and GMO’s. Although they had several flavors, I bought only one to see how it would be welcomed in my house. Picky eaters means many, many products tried and failed. Happily, this one was highly accepted. [Read More.]

– excerpted from Nutrimom blog.

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