The Beet Reviews the 7 Best Vegan Chips (including Lentil & Turmeric Crackers!)

JUNE 26th, 2020

There are few things better than popping open a bag of chips and biting into some salty deliciousness. The only problem is, processed snacks like these are often calorie-dense, void of nutrition and filled with foreign ingredients. The good news is, the chip has evolved over the years thanks to socially conscious and health-forward brands that care about more than just taste. We’ve tracked down the best chips and crisps that are 100% vegan and using innovative ingredients and preparation methods to ensure you get the most healthful, sustainable chip on the planet. Say goodby to the high fat, fried chip, and say hello to a new generation of better-for-you (and the world) chips and crisps.

7. RW Garcia – Organic Lentil With Turmeric Crackers

Crackers for every occasion 

This 30-year-old family business has been perfecting its health chips and crackers for decades. They’ve gone from selling chips to retailers out of their family van to becoming a main staple in the healthy snack arena. Try their Lentil with Tumeric Crackers, made with flax, chia, and black sesame seeds. They are low in sodium, high in anti-inflammatory ingredients and packed with a perfect taste. Your palette, and your body, will thank you. Find on Amazon or at a store near you.

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