What To Know About RW Garcia, The First Snack Company To Be Non-GMO Verified

JANUARY 8th, 2020

Snacks; they’re something that we all love to consume in some way, shape, or form. Some are healthy, some aren’t. Some are chips, while some are cookies, cake, or ice cream. Some are boozy, while others aren’t. Finally, some snacks are fun and whatnot, while others are dull and taste drier than the Sahara Desert. Most of the above doesn’t apply to RW Garcia, and I’ll tell you why.

RW Garcia?

Liz Abere

Yes; RW Garcia. They’re the first snack company ever to be non-GMO verified, which is good if you’re against any and all GMOs whatsoever. All of their products are also organic and gluten free, which is always a plus; especially if you’re one that’s allergic to gluten, which is a real allergy and not just a diet trend. The family-owned company has been around since 1982 (and based in Scotts Valley, California), which is honestly longer than I’ve been alive, but still, it’s a long time for a company to be around. 

A cool thing to note about RW Garcia is that they launched their corn chips and their cheesy crackers at Expo West and Sweets & Snacks over this past summer. With all of RW Garcia‘s products, it’s safe to say that “innovation is in our DNA, from when we launched our first organic tortilla chips in 1982 before better-for-you snacking was really a thing, to when we became the first snack company to receive Non-GMO Project verification,” said RW Garcia Vice President of Marketing Genelle Chetcuti, daughter of co-founders Bob and Margaret Garcia. The company’s corn chips retail for $4.49 for a bag that’s 8.25 ounces, and comes in four flavors, which include Organic Yellow, Organic Blue, Organic Bar-B-Q and Organic Chili Cheese.

Cheesy Crackers

Liz Abere

For the cheesy crackers, they’re currently available at Kroger nationwide, the new Cheesy Crackers (MSRP $4.99/5.5-ounce box) are part of RW Garcia’s stellar artisan cracker line-up that also includes Sweet Potato, Sweet Beet, Kale and Harvest (a combination of blue corn and & pumpkin). RW Garcia Vice President of Marketing Genelle Chetcuti, daughter of co-founders Bob and Margaret Garcia once said the following: “We know that cheese is a beloved flavor profile among snackers, but gluten-free options were in short supply – that’s why we developed this unique and delicious snack cracker; our new Cheesy Crackers are made with real cheddar cheese for great taste, plus they are non-GMO Project verified and made with better-for-you ingredients for a snack indulgence you can feel good about.” Think of the crackers as good for you cheez-its, but also with an organic twist to them.

Now that we all know a little bit more about RW Garcia as a company and about some of the products that they have to offer, hopefully you’ll hop, skip, and dance over to your local Kroger or grocery shop where RW Garcia products are sold and try them out for yourself. If you’re having difficulties finding out where you can purchase RW Garcia products, try searching on their website

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